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The best contemporary masters of shipbuilding dawan docheon thousand hanbong (writer)

The best contemporary masters of shipbuilding dawan docheon thousand hanbong (writer)



The best contemporary masters of shipbuilding dawan docheon thousand hanbong (writer)

Shipbuilding dawan study one night Yun

Mungyeong chatsabal festival in May each year, and if the holding is selected as one of the best national festivals are held in Mungyeong saejae one won numerous crowds flocked from all over the country, to participate in their pottery in the world may increase further opening of the festival.Chatsabal refers to dawan drinking tea in Japan, its phase is not tough.
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If you let that there was a special 茶會 Japan in the main city, has the most 茶 人 have time to enjoy a mug not to do this to Tuvok to the surface woodultudul holding support your tea set after drinking tea in both hands, the general public view if you will. Is that by lowering the sound popping interjections Bout "gorayi jawang". It also goes without saying that without considering dawan (Korea tea bowl), ie meaning mug made in Korea and holds up to 神 next to a number of Japanese dumped Accepted is also a great treasure. This treasure more precious than gold (treasured above gold) to reproduce the same potter pottery is best known today as thousands docheon hanbong of Mungyeong.
wb-thumb chatsabal Competition
A few years ago, a Japanese national broadcaster NHK-TV produced 'Asia's Who's' biography of the potter docheon thousand hanbong documentary was aired in Korea. The program was an unexpected one thing alone time as introducing the characters in the political, economic and cultural fields in the best location in Asia to introduce potter cloth hanbong are not well known in Korea. In Japan, potters, however, is enough to evoke the famous figures hanbong cloth in Korea. Japanese influential media in the Mainichi, Yomiuri, Nihon Keizai, NHK, Fuji TV and in the press and in front datueo the best artists to open or his representative of the Asian exhibitions.
Gimhae dawan
He is such a famous in Japan because of his work buncheong dawan naejineun national cultural property is designated as a national treasure of Japan considered the best masterpieces almost perfectly reproduce the dawan be considered carefully preserved. While introducing the life cycle of the cloth in the documentary NHK-TV hanbong work activities said, "seems to have been created directly see how the 'consideration dawan" 400 years ago ". Japanese pottery experts is that the work of docheon are artificial and natural 美 have the finesse of a work of art, unlike other general 無心 無 作. In Japan, the Mainichi Shimbun also praised the work docheon to as "Beauty and add artistic implications beyond the state."

Such buncheong making rods gross of Japanese people praised dawan pottery is not the exact historical research, but the bowls that were used to bowl, chatsabal in the private houses of the Joseon Dynasty or another part sometimes cautious estimate for ARM, not used as bowls, drinking tea at temples . Such irregular flows down the surface of the glaze tea set looks tubakhae by the woodultudul went to Japan are designated as national treasures and cultural assets in their name is considered dawan (高麗 茶碗) is coming today handed. Shipbuilding is considered precious dawan going to look at the fact that to some extent the Japanese the following information to be more pronounced. Dawan exhibition opened a few years ago considered at the time the existing national bakmulgwanjang lecture at Kyoto cried out that "such a long time to give the impression of come deep into the heart of such a Japanese shipbuilding things emerged as the subject of devout faith dawan (chatsabal) Where Will the world."
ugc docheon gross bongseonsaeng 2face1
His family is descended maksabal we have to keep calling often considered as a prized heirloom dawan 400 years. Japanese ceramics in a flurry of fame, etc. Today, Europe was most affected from the line. During the Japanese invasion to the extent that the war was to create a Japanese pottery kidnapped numerous potters pottery Korea not to develop the ceramic industry in Japan based on the technology of today, then even if one of the two Japanese porcelain powerhouse exaggeration.
_ Logo tee Joao
North Gyeongsang Province Mungyeong in the studio and during the Japanese invasion of thousands hanbong once was a potter in Japan are not caught until the top leading folk song in Korea (民窯 地). Gross rods are in place from age 14 to 60 years pay just the traditional techniques of the Chosun Dynasty brew maksabal the Korean soul filled.
Hanbong 007 thousand Scenes
"One can not forget the 73 years of opening the first exhibition in Japan. Place the middle of the exhibition space to install the spinning wheel demonstration was the view directly to the process of creating geotbuteo 'heel' of the molding. The Japanese tried to be careful, even the appearance yeokryeok breath while watching the working process. Should I finish line as piety before God. Those people in front of the home of a porcelain figure was subject to greater impulse to blame claimed that the fact that Iran was using the maksabal people of Korea are favorites, "he recalls feeling at the time.
One thousand hanbong
What bake ware thousand hanbong up the "cockle" as to when the wheel begins to pine fires eda dukkeobijip conventional oven. It will kindle a fire in the kiln least once a year in August to escape the dead of winter or the heat. Work out to burn once, about seven hundred points. This is only about 5% of the world see the light, and the rest goes to the hammer ruthlessly crushed.
"I can not help it blend in euron kiln workers. So when you break the course work is rather cool, because the breaks are thought to break. When Chuck out of the kiln once, 'it's no' called Come hear the noekka rim. But it is the criteria for selection. Mainly color and flavor. Another pottery kilns placed in front of the fire should not have to have generally good work is the fact that I learned through long experience.
Docheon thousand hanbong
Gross features of the rod making buncheong is a thixotropic techniques. Celadon and white porcelain kiln in the wind, whereas the new buncheong differ from entering the kiln allows the wind hitting bumps in and out of the way sanhwayeom (酸 火焰) to obtain the fire changes. Every touch the soil is put in the kiln rest according to the fire. The count is matgyeodu natural phenomena.
"I do not imagine $ 10,000 colors look what works out. At first, just sippeol geotdeon flames even when the rain to climb between 1300 also 1250 degrees Celsius, depending on its qualitative white, georipnida nalreum tongue. The kiln geotyijiyo fit inside the corner harmony daedal happens. "
Hanbong thousand works are sold out in Japan on a bet of 700,000 - by 200 million yen. Jilbak even one Japanese royal family is holding his chatsabal held up like a treasure. Do aired last the work of the January 2000 KBS-TV thousand hanbong into the new millennium celebrated Featured World Lee takyu mentor a 40-minute production, titled 'tradition of soul and Mac' in Korean, as well as the "final coating of shipbuilding" Featured were also aired. Mac tradition of his soul, and are continuing daughter, two one thousand people sukgwa cheongyeonghui
untitled cheonmyeongsuk
ugc docheon gross bongseonsaeng and daughter
Korean Wave big star Yonsama Bae Yong Joon's "Journey to the beauty of South Korea" is landing directly doyoji to introduce docheon teacher in his book, and a few days Giger wrote an article with the pottery experience, can to Yonsama fan of many Japanese About the consideration of dawan docheon teachers and spared no praise.
Shipbuilding dawan
Docheon teacher was awarded the Order of Cultural Merit batneunga when the Japanese imperial porcelain to the beach, a few years ago, the recognition of significant contributions to Japan's tea culture and cultural exchanges one days from the emperor.
Cultural Merit
Maksabal referred to our buncheong pottery bulrideon of non ninth, also called over to Japan, the country's main castles (城) I will consider the birth of dawan myths changing transient - beyond the age for us to live in the world today of his craftsmanship It has become a proud and valuable lessons. 
Docheon leaves fiveHanbong 008 thousand Scenes

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